Our Commitment

Our Mission


Senator Micheal McLachlan

The Connecticut Capitol Prayer Network was established in 2009 by State Senator Michael McLachlan (Danbury) for the purposes of catelyzing prayer among citizens, faith leaders and elected officials.


Senator McLachlan boldly pioneered several iniatives under the banner of the CCPN, including the Connecticut Legislative Prayer Breakfast, monthly intercessory prayer, and weekly legislative prayer. Similarly, he together with his elected colleagues formed the Connecticut Legislative Prayer Caucus.


We honor Senator McLachlan for his faithful service, having renewed the role of faith in the halls of Connecticut government for the benefit of all. We dutifully carry forward his vison and legacy."


We are committed to ongoing prayer and intersession for the purpose of transformation and awakening in the State of Connecticut.


We are committed to be naturally and spiritually aware of the kingdom of Gods purpose for the State of Connecticut as we diligently stand in the gap praying and interceding for the full manifestation of that purpose.


It is our desire to provide the governing bodies of the State of Connecticut a solid and spiritual foundation that will increase awareness by becoming armed with wisdom and knowledge while they are making important decisions that directly or indirectly affect the citizens of the State of Connecticut.

It is our mission granted by the Lord God

to pray without ceasing.

Philippians 4:6 instructs the sons and daughters of God to “Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

We are dedicated to prayer and interceding for our governing leaders as well as our churches, our children and our families and are grateful that this ministry is relevant to Senators and State Representatives from both sides of the isle.

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