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Annual Prayer Breakfast 2019- Guest Speaker Bishop Elect Marichal Monts

Bishop Elect Marichal Monts is an incredibly unique individual who carries a deep message of faith, hope and love.  As a native of Hartford, CT, and the oldest son of Margaret and the late James Monts, he attended the Renbrook School (West Hartford, CT), and the Groton School (Groton, MA) and graduated from Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT).  With God's help and great encouragement from his mother and grandmother, he has successfully mastered the journey from the dangerous streets of the North End of Hartford to a committed life of service to God and humankind.   

Bishop Elect Marichal Monts is often described as one who is consistent, dedicated, and focused with an uncanny ability to overcome virtually any adverse situation.   As a student at Wesleyan, he began a radio broadcast on Sunday mornings, and now after over 28 years he has one of the most loyal listening audiences on WESU (estimated at over 1,000,000). It is noteworthy that Overseer Marichal Monts has also served as the conductor and music director of the Ebony Singers of the prestigious Wesleyan University for 25 years. 

Save the Date- April 30th 2019 

Where: Old Judiciary Room at the Capitol- 300 Capitol Ave #5100, Hartford, CT 06106

Time: 10:30AM-12:00PM


We have as a team united together the legislative body of Connecticut and Leaders by simply hosting a magnificent prayer breakfast. Each year it is growing and imprinting a profound impression on the hearts of many. We invite you to RSVP now!  our legislators serve out of love for the people of Connecticut and they face difficulty meeting CT's challenges every day, they are looking for solutions.

We know that prayer changes things. Most people, regardless of faith, church or synagogue attendance, etc. will be receptive of prayer, and our legislators are no different. We will pray for them and CT at the breakfast. Also, our goal is to also encourage and help legislators to pray for each other, pray together, and pray for the State and its citizens, their constituents. The more legislators participate, the more fluent and comfortable they'll become. There is strength in numbers.

Save the Date- April 30th 2019 

Where: Old Judiciary Room at the Capitol- 300 Capitol Ave #5100, Hartford, CT 06106

Time: 10:30AM-12:00PM

Personally Invite Leadership:  Need to know who your legislators are follow the link provided:

Thank You We look forward to a great breakfast in 2019


When: The 4th Friday of the Month

Time: 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Location:  Room 2201 -

Legislative Office Building

 300 Capitol Ave #5100, Hartford, CT 06106

  • Commit to pray 1-2 hours at the State Capitol Building 

  • Commit to pray once a week from your home

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